The mythos of an actress with Olga Hellsing:

Some say that there is a mythos about an actor, something that makes her or her predetermined to play a certain type of roles. Until someone like Tarantino come along and turn the John Travolta into a Gangster.


The umbra , penumbra and antumbra are three distinct parts of a shadow , created by any light source. Light is about direction, intensity, and shape. Without light there is no photo.
Still I find the term light shaping misleading – for me it is about shaping the shadows and mastering the darkness.

Masterclass Light Shaping by Brendan de Clercq

A few things I have learned about myself in this workshop:
prefer colour over black and white photography – although it is good to start in black and white to see the light and the shadows more clearly. But the colour adds something to the mood.

I prefer shooting outdoors and on location. I need the context of the environment in a portrait to tell a story.

I don’t have the patience to pay attention to every detail, what you do when you work in a studio. I don’t care if the reflection in the eye isn’t perfect, …