Using colour in my images consciously 

For the longest time I used the standard settings of my camera as the default profile for my images. 

When I visited the William Eggleston exhibition in c/o Berlin I got the notion to that there could be more to colours. His his use of vivid, saturated colours and his ability to find beauty in the everyday and mundane was something that inspired me from the beginning of my photography journey. 

His ability to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary and his ability to infuse everyday scenes with a sense of intrigue and emotion through his masterful use of colour was a lesson I wanted to learn. 

So got deeper into the film simulations recipies fuji-x photographers developed. My I wasn’t to recreate a specific film look but to create a colour style that I liked (I still love the provia film simulation without any tweaks – stil one of my favourites). Along the way I also developed a black and white profile, at first just to complement the experiments I was doing with the different profiles. It turned out that I preferred the profile over the different colour profiles, especially when I am doing portrait shots. I love it so much that I set it to my default profile when I go out shooting. I love how it helps me to see the lighting and contrast. I always shoot in JPG and RAW so that I can recover the colours if I want to but most of the times I don’t