cinematic portraits

As actress or actor, you are able to slip into different roles, be adaptable and authentic. Images that show your versatility, and emphasize your character and uniqueness, are extremely important for any sedcard. Expressive and individual portraits in your portfolio can open doors for you. 

This service is perfect for any actress or actor who wants to update their portfolio or needs prepare for a future role. It offers a unique and creative opportunity to highlight your capabilities while also building up your portfolio and increasing your chances to get hired for a future role. 

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My expertise as a people photographer 

I have been collaborating with artists, dancers, actors, and models since 2019. Capturing their unique personalities and styles through a variety of shots – from long shots to close-ups – is a standard in any portrait and lifestyle shooting. The selection of the right location and outfits is key to creating an outstanding image. 
Being an experienced people photographer, I honed the expertise to not only capture your image but also to create captivating characters and scenes that can elevate your acting career to the next level. 

How we work together

During the first consultation, we will discuss your desired genre and character portrayal, as well as identify up to six specific scenes to be captured in the shoot. 
With this information in mind, I will scout for suitable locations and suggest outfits to complement the chosen theme.  
The outcome of this consultation will be documented in a mood board that serves as a preparation guide for the shoot. 
The actual shoot will take approximately three hours, after which we will spend an additional hour selecting the best images from the session. 

What you will get

Upon completion of the shoot, you will receive a collection of images that go beyond traditional headshots. These images, which share a common theme, will portray you through lifelike portraits and environmental portraits that convey a unique story. 

My aim, as a skilled photographer, is to showcase your capabilities through my lens, increasing your chances of getting hired for future roles. With my expertise, your pictures will leave a lasting impression on potential employers and casting directors, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.