capture the moment

For over four years, I have been shooting with models and exploring the art of photography. It started as a hobby, something that I loved doing and was good at. I would take pictures and publish them on social media, and it was always gratifying to receive likes and positive comments.  I hesitated to pursue photography as a career because I had not found a purpose in my pictures beyond capturing beautiful images. 

The Transformational Power of Photography

However, my recent experience during a photo shoot has made me realize that photography has the power to transform not just the lives of the subjects but also that of the photographer. 

During the shoot, I felt a sense of accomplishment that was more profound than just creating aesthetically pleasing pictures. For the first time, I had created a series of images that were linked together, forming a narrative that could immerse the viewer. It was not just because I had taken shots from close-ups to environmental portraits in different settings, but also because of the blank spaces in between the images. 

It was a pivotal moment for me, and I started thinking about the transformative power of photography. As technology advances and AI tools replace most photographers’ work, the creative experience of the photographer remains irreplaceable. Photographers can create images that tell a story, and this is something that AI cannot do. 

Creating a narrative with my images was a turning point for me as a photographer. It was a realization that I had reached the next level in my photography, and now the new challenge was to find an audience that appreciated what I did. Finding an audience can be difficult, but it is essential for photographers who want to take their art to the next level. 

Photography can be more than just taking pictures. It can be a means of connecting with others and with oneself – photography is a powerful medium that can transform the subject, the photographer, and the viewer. As technology continues to advance, the role of photographers may change, as a photographer, but the creative process and the transformative power of photography will remain relevant. I am excited to explore this transformative power of photography further and use it to create connections with the world around me.