from slow living to slow business 

intuitive intelligence 

A friend once called me Lebensküntler – master in the art of living. My whole life seems to be an expedition, that is about exploring the unknown, learning and self-development. 

I always had a strong intuition which guided me to places where I could grow – personally, spiritually and economically. It helped me to navigate through the mist my life was and still is. 

conscious photography 

Photography is my one true passion and has been a big part of my life since I got my first camera at age 14. 

I was fascinated by the street photography of Lee Friedlander and Garry Winowgrand. 

When I took pictures during travels, I was always trying to capture the special in the mundane, I was driven by the idea to bear witness of the odd subjects that are easily overlooked. To give them a voice that says: I am here! 

Taking pictures became for me a kind of Zen meditation – a practice in open awareness and self-abandoness: 

I am present in the moment and focus on the image that is unfolding before me. Photography is also a tool for personal development. I practice conscious photography – view the world as it is without judgment. My aim is to create images that that appeal directly to the heart of the viewer and have a natural look and feel with an authentic energy. 

business zen 

Business Zen is a system I am developing for myself. Business Zen is about implementing the self-awareness, mindfulness, and kindness into business development. I want this system to allow me to be sustainable, self-reliant, and able to focus on doing the work that I love, and I am good at. 

When I feel what my business wants and needs, I can build, run and grow it from the inside. 

This system provides me with a mindset, tools, and methods to have a clearer view and a deeper understanding of 

  • who I am 
  • the situation I am in 
  • the journey that lies before me