As a photographer I felt stuck in my approach to shooting. One definition if insanity is: Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

So, I attended a workshop led by Jens Burger, who has a different approach to photography. In the past I had a general idea of what I wanted to create but ended up with many unplanned, surprising results.
Jens Burger has a very clear idea of the image he wants to create and plans his shoots ahead and test things out. During the shooting he gets the shot quickly.

In this workshop I tried to do things differently. I still relied on what the model si going to offer me and my directing and communication skills with the model. But this time I took things more slowly. I paid more attention to the actual photographic process. And then there it was this moment, when I realized: This is it. We got the picture! We can move on to the next set and I don’t have to keep on shooting just because I felt insecure and was afraid of missing something out.

I ended up with less pictures at the workshop, but the result was fewer but higher quality images. I want to implement more and more storytelling into my photographic work to shape the narrative of the photos. I want to move away from shooting with models and work more with people who are not familiar with being photographed. This is a step forward and will help me to accomplish my new way of working.