In the mesmerizing aura of “Blow Up,” I found myself pondering the true essence of my photography and what it means to me.

📸 Capturing Humanity’s Essence 🌟

Recently I saw Blow Up for the first time. This movie got my thinking about what is my photography and what it means to me.

Thomas is a hot young trendy” photographer in London of the swinging 60ies. He is bored and fed up with the mod fashion shoots, he is arrogant, cruel and abusive to the models and lives a life of cynicism and ennui. He is also working on a book, a photographic collection of primarily darker images of human life.

I was always drawn to people photography but I never intended to become a fashion or glamour photographer. I wanted to explore the nature of mankind and the conditions of being human. To work with models for this seemed natural for me.

The reason I shot with models is that I need them to express my artistic aspirations.

I don’t see them as muses, but as creative partners and it makes me proud when I get the feedback that they enjoyed working with me because I was friendly, polite and respectful.

During the shooting it is my job to create an atmosphere that allows the models to feel free and safe and to go beyond the usual poses in their work.

The best images are created when we both push the boundaries of what we are capable of a little bit. When we tab into the unknown and experience something that makes us feel alive.

In the end, you can tell by the look in their eyes whether we have created something truthful and genuine or not.

Model Madame Sophie 🙏