In her Book – The Artist Way – Julia Camron introduced me to the idea of an artist date. The artist date is some quality time that I spend with myself and do something that nutritious my soul.

How would such a date look like for me

I would take a walk in the park or make trip on a bike into the nature – a lake, a forest, some open fields near by. I would have my camera with me, ready to take some pictures.

On a rainy day I would make a stroll through the galleries visit an exhibition.

Later I would stop in a small café I found along the way or when I am back in my hometown. I would sit there enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a cake (probably a cheesecake or apple pie) and observe the people walking by. I would listen to music. Maybe I have a book with me so I could read. I definitely would have a notebook with me to write down my thoughts and reflect on the day.

Keep it simple – some times I ended up exhausted because I was wandering around and could not find the place for my artist date.

How to prepare for an artist date

First of all feel the joy of it. Don’t plan to much. There are a lot of ideas in my mind about what to do, but being spontaneous works best for me. Check the weather, put an apple and a bottle of water in my rucksack. Check if the camera is ready.

What do I get out of an artist date

Bringing something home is a bonus ( a photograph, some insights about myself or my work, a new book, …). The thing is – an artist date is about to take a break from work not being productive.

The beauty of it is, that I feel some peace of mind calm. My energy level has risen and my view is refreshed.