I’ve been shooting these fashion-like portraits for about half a decade now.  The initial spark that ignited my passion for photography was to capture portraits with a touch of naturalness and depth. From the outset, my goal was to go beyond the artificial and rehearsed poses, seeking to capture expressions that emanate from within. However, as I revisit an image captured half a decade ago, I realized that the visual aesthetic and style have remained somewhat conservative. As a photographer I want to evolve end grow in my artistic endeavour. 

Meditative Photography as a Practice 

Photography, for me, is not merely a visual art form; it is a meditative practice that delves into the depths of self-discovery. Over the years, I’ve strived to create a space for the model and me that allows us to immerge into the inner self, where images emerge not solely for their composition but for the emotions they convey, the subtle stories hidden from the naked eye. 

Inspiration from Japanese Culture 

For years I am fascinated by the Japanese culture and its artistic traditions. The Japanese understanding of beauty transcends the Western norm, placing significant emphasis on the artist’s internal state, attitude, and the pursuit of perfection – the perfection of the inner work – creating an artwork that embraces one’s flaws, accepting change and appreciates both – natural objects and the forces of nature. I am intrigued by the idea of appreciating the simple joys and the beauty of the understated. 

Building the artistic practice 

Drawing from artistic practices such as Ikebana or Sumi-e and the aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, I aim to refine my inner work that precedes the creation of images in these Japanese traditions: The artist’s state of being and the journey towards perfection is of deep meaning to me and resonates deeply with my aspiration to infuse calm and meditative qualities into my work.  

A Journey Towards a Visual Language 

By merging Eastern traditions with Western understanding of art, I strive for a visual language that does not only speak through composition, lighting and the choice of the subject, but also through the essence of the artist’s state of mind. The journey ahead involves exploring the mysteries of meditative photography step further into the realms of mindfulness and beauty.