Start before you’re ready is a phrase you probably have heard before. But how does it feel when you take on a journey and feel that you’re not prepared for it and that you never can be fully prepared for that? So this is what happened to me. For me, it started with a little Instagram post.

At that time time it felt like: Well, it’s Instagram – probably nobody would notice. But then I got a comment from a fellow photographer who said:

Wow, now you’re going full in on your art. That’s great!

And I was scared. Now I was on the hook. Now I had somebody who cared about me and who cared about what I do. He liked my work enough to wish me all the best.

Now I’m committed that I have to deliver this promise that I gave to nobody, especially. I have a companion a commitment partner, which is very important in this process.

At the moment I don’t have a business plan, I don’t have a business model for my photography. But I feel fine with that.

I will take it day by day and the first thing that I have to do is show myself in order to build an audience. And what will happen next, nobody knows, but I’m open to the opportunities that will arise from this.