Whenever we show up whenever we put ourselves and our work out there we are attached to attach to the outcomes we are attached to our desires and emotions about what we present and how we present 

I don’t believe that we will ever be completely free of this attachment but what we can do is to make a shift in our mindset that will help us that will put us at ease and free ourselves a little bit of the excitement and anxiety that comes with the attachment 

Understanding Attachment in Buddhism 

In Buddhism, attachment is a fundamental concept that teaches us how we often tie our happiness to people, circumstances, and material possessions. We become deeply attached to what we value and passionately desire, and it’s these attachments that can lead to our troubles and misinterpretation of what truly matters in life. Essentially, our craving for pleasant experiences and material possessions can hinder our journey towards enlightenment and Nirvana. 

The Fear of Rejection 

Just last week, I faced a situation that perfectly illustrated the idea of attachment. I had to give a presentation in front of a group of individuals from service centers in the public sector. Before the presentation, I was gripped by anxiety because I believed I didn’t belong there, that I was somehow different from them. I spoke about virtual and digital agents, and my fear was that data protection concerns in Germany would overshadow any potential benefits. But to my surprise, they were open-minded and appreciative of my insights. This experience made me realize how attachment to preconceived notions about myself held me back and created unnecessary anxiety. 

Letting Go and Embracing Detachment 

Similarly, my wife and I recently decided to declutter our home and participate in a local flea market. We carefully selected items we valued, intending to pass them on to someone who would appreciate them as much as we did. Our mindset wasn’t about selling but about sharing the joy of our possessions. This experience turned out to be incredibly liberating. We connected with interesting people, had fun, and surprisingly sold many items. It showed us how detachment can lead to freedom and a more enjoyable experience. 

Attachment Can Be Positive 

While Buddhism often emphasizes the negative aspects of attachment, there are situations where attachment can be positive. Think of a chef and their knives—their attachment to these tools is personal and essential for their craft. Personally, I’ve found attachment in my cameras. They’re like an extension of my being, and I love working with them. However, I also recognize that I have cameras I’m not attached to because they don’t serve me well, and I’m open to letting go of them.